1. These general terms and conditions define and regulate the legal relations connected with the services provided through the site (hereinafter: the site) by “Level Rent” Limited Liability Company (hereinafter: the Company). The Company shall provide the services personally or through its partners.
  2. By accessing the site, using any service of the site or downloading any content in whole or in part, you as a user (hereinafter: user, you, your, Customer) confirm that you have fully read and understood these terms of use and other terms of service of the Company published on the site and unconditionally accept them, regardless of whether you are a customer of the Company services, a registered user of the site or just a visitor.
  3. The Company has the right unilaterally to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If the terms and conditions change, the Company will publish the updated terms and conditions on the website, indicating the date of the last change. It is the user’s obligation to visit the website from time to time and check for changes in the terms and conditions. The new terms and conditions will be legally binding and will apply to obligations incurred after publication on the website.
  4. If you don’t agree to these terms, please stop using the site. By accessing the site, opening an account, becoming a user and using the services, you indicate your unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  5. By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you are legally capable and able to use the services in your country of residence. If under the laws of your country of residence you are not legally capable and cannot use the services yourself, you must have the consent of your parents or other competent persons in order to use the services. If you are a legal entity, you confirm that you have all the powers of the legal entity established by the laws of the country where the legal entity is located to use the services. By agreeing to these terms, you accept that we cannot verify the information and data provided, the validity of your statements mentioned in this paragraph, therefore you are fully responsible for each violation of this paragraph.
  6. These terms contain provisions on privacy policy and processing of personal data.


Services provided by the Company and their particularities

  1. The company provides services related to the rental of vehicles.
  2. Services presented on the website, advertisements regarding services and/or other offers addressed to an indefinite circle of persons shall be considered as an offer by the Company. The Company reserves the right to refuse accepting any orders at its sole discretion.
  3. The services presented on the site, in addition to these terms and conditions, may have, state and/or require acceptance of their terms and conditions and rules, which may include certain obligations and/or limitations of rights.


Company services, order registration and service provision procedure

  1. The client has an opportunity to review, rent vehicles (with or without personnel), as well as to order other services.
  2. You may place orders for rental vehicles and other services at least 1 business day in prior.
  3. The vehicle is considered to be reserved by you if a rental agreement between you and the Company has been bilaterally signed.
  4. 100% prepayment is made for reservation of vehicles.
  5. In case of any breach of any clause of the contract, early return of the vehicle or premature termination of the contract, the transferred prepayment shall not be returned, and the Company shall be entitled to claim full compensation for the caused damage.
  6. If you rent a vehicle, you confirm and warrant that you will not be under the influence of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic or psychoactive substances during the entire period of driving the vehicle, and that you have a valid driving license and at least 5 years of driving experience. Moreover, this provision applies to all persons registered as drivers*.
  7. The Company is not responsible for lost or missing personal belongings or for health problems of the driver and/or passengers.
  8. You can’t subrent the rented vehicle.
  9. You assume all responsibility for the rental of the vehicle unless the vehicle is driven by the Company. You may not assign the right to drive the vehicle to any person without notifying the Company.
  10. You and/or the driver of the rented vehicle shall be obliged to comply with the traffic regulations. The driver is responsible for paying the fines provided for violations*. Keys and documents must be in the driver’s possession and under the driver’s supervision at all times.
  11. In case of technical malfunctions, the Renter is obliged immediately to inform the Owner. If the technical fault of the vehicle or the defect/loss/damage of its parts is due to the Renter’s fault, the Renter is obliged to compensate for the incurred damage in full.
  12. In case of an accident or loss/theft/damage of the vehicle (or its parts), you and/or the driver are obliged immediately to inform the Company, the insurance company and the Police (not to move the vehicle in case of an accident), to assist in drafting a report and proper certificates in the manner prescribed by law and submit them to the Company*.
  13. In case of damage to third parties and their property caused by you or the driver, you have no right to submit any claims to the Company, and the Company cannot bear any responsibility. The insurance company under the contract of “Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance”, in the cases stipulated by the RA Law “On Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance”, all rights and obligations arise exclusively in relation to you and/or the driver. Moreover, the Company does not bear any responsibility in case of your actions (omissions), actions (omissions) of the driver or violation of the terms of the insurance contract*.
  14. The registration of documents of the rented vehicle, its delivery and reception are carried out in the office of the Company during the business days and hours of the Company. In exceptional cases, in case of additional payment, the acceptance and return of the vehicle stipulated in this paragraph shall be carried out in another place specified by you.
  15. All prices on the website are in the national currency of the Republic of Armenia, in AMD, also in other currencies. The prices in currencies are informative and can only be used as a guide.
  16. The rented vehicle is provided to the Renter in a proper condition: technically sound, clean and with fuel.
  17. You are obliged to follow the rules of vehicle operation, refuel with the type of fuel specified in the contract and return the vehicle to the Company in proper condition at the place and time previously agreed with the Company together with all the documents, additional equipment and accessories, clean and with the same amount of fuel.
  18. At the moment of acceptance of the vehicle, the Renter together with the Owner examines the vehicle and drafts a corresponding acceptance report on the condition of the vehicle, which is an inseparable part of this contract. Any defect of the vehicle is indicated in the Acceptance Act. In case any faults or defects of the vehicle are discovered, the Renter shall inform the Owner about it and make a corresponding note in the acceptance report before accepting the vehicle for rent. The Renter is deprived of the right to make statements about any later detected defects other than the defects indicated at the moment of acceptance of the vehicle.
  19. The certificate of acceptance shall be retained by both parties and shall be the basis for the examination and evaluation of the defects and damages of the vehicle, and you accept that the Company has the right to decide whose fault the defects and damages are due to. If you refuse to sign the acceptance report when handing over the vehicle, the said report shall be drafted without your signature and shall apply in cases specified in this clause.


Insurance and liability in case of damage

  1. The vehicle is provided under the terms of the Compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners. You are fully responsible for the insurance company.
  2. If the insurance company does not reimburse the damage caused to the rented vehicle, including in cases where the refusal to provide insurance compensation is due to your actions (inaction) and/or actions (inaction) of the driver, including in case of violation of insurance rules or actions when the harm caused is not considered as insurance, then the damage caused to the vehicle and third parties (their property, health) shall be compensated by you.
  3. In case of failure to fully reimburse or failure to reimburse at all the damage caused by the insurance company to third parties, you shall bear the obligation to compensate the damage. The Company shall not be liable for damages caused to the third parties by the Renter for the entire period of the vehicle rental.
  4. In case of an accident, loss or damage, you are obliged to act in the manner prescribed by Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, informing the competent authorities and the Company.


Procedure of payment

  1. The total amount of rent is the amount of the cost of vehicle rental.
  2. The Renter is obliged to pay additional costs and fines, which will be calculated by the Owner at the moment of the acceptance of the vehicle by the Owner, according to the established price list.
  3. For this purpose, the Renter shall ensure that at the time of signing the contract, the Renter has the amount stipulated in clause 37, which, if necessary, will cover the above costs (non-refundable costs not considered as an insured event)*.
  4. If the rented car is returned to the Owner in a proper and timely manner, the deposit amount is fully refunded to the Renter. If there are additional expenses not exceeding the deposit amount, they are reimbursed at the expense of the deposit amount, and the balance is returned to the Renter. If additional expenses exceed the amount of the deposit, the amount shall not be returned to the Renter, moreover, the Renter shall be charged the unreimbursed part of the additional expenses*.
  5. The amount of the deposit for the cars is set by the contract.
  6. Payments are made in cash (only in AMD up to 300,000 AMD) and non-cash (by bank card or bank transfer).



  1. Personal data are only collected (obtained) if you provide it. While you are using the site, we may also receive data by other methods. Our servers receive and collect information: Your IP address, browser name, computer type, technical data about users, contact means with the site - type of operating system, name of the organization providing Internet services and other data. This information helps us learning and understanding user behavior and trends. We also receive data about your activity on the site. This information enables us to offer more tailored and preferred services to you. The Company may also receive additional data about you through complaints from other customers or the service center, or through other information sources.
  2. The Company takes electronic and other security measures to ensure that your personal information is protected from unlawful entry, alteration or publication. All data you provide is stored securely in the servers database. Your personal data will not be disclosed to the third parties without your consent unless required by law (requests, law enforcement and government inquiries within the scope of their powers). We can provide your data only to the persons related to us in cases when these data are necessary for the implementation and improvement of the quality of services provided. We cooperate with other organizations and/or natural persons in order to provide our services properly, e.g. receipt of orders, database analysis, marketing assistance, bank card payments and clearing, customer service. The aforementioned persons have access to the necessary data for the purpose of these transactions and are not entitled to use this information for any other purpose.
  3. We may use the information provided to you

- To fulfill your requests for services;

- To offer the services you are interested in;

- To assist you in using the site;

- To analyze the use of the site and to improve the site and services;

- To prevent and protect misuse of the site;

- In other cases provided by law.


Procedure for submitting complaints, opinions and suggestions 

  1. In case of failure or improper performance of obligations to provide services, Clients have the right to submit a written claim (complaint) to the Company or an organization that is a partner of the Company. In any case, the Client, regardless of the form of communication (written claim, phone call, etc.) and the reasons, has no right to use insulting, degrading words and expressions.
  2. In case of failure or improper performance of obligations to provide services, Clients have the right to submit a written claim (complaint) to the Company or an organization that is a partner of the Company, which is to be registered in the manner prescribed by law. When submitting a written claim (complaint), the user (legal representative) must present an identity document.

* The provision does not apply to legal relations arising from the conclusion of the vehicle rental contract   with the involvement of personnel.